SEC vs. XRP: Here is the Solution for Ripple

The Case For Ripple

  • Register Ripple as a publicly-traded company, offering legal XRP stock. (As an olive branch, offer free shares to everyone who has owned XRP cryptocurrency, as Uniswap did with UNI last year.)
  • Create a new token called XBP (which stands for Cross-Border Payments) that takes the place of XRP. It should only be available to institutions that use it for payments, not retail investors. Denominating this in USD would probably be a smart political move.
  • Pay whatever you have to pay to settle with the SEC.

The Good News About the Lawsuit

  • If you are a U.S.-based, centralized company offering a digital token to everyday investors, you are likely to be considered a security (translation: treat it like a stock).
  • If you are a decentralized digital asset, you are not likely to be considered a security. Bitcoin is likely safe: it’s fully decentralized, so how would the SEC shut it down? Likewise, Ethereum is likely safe, as ETH is a “specialized instrument for a particular computer network” (see p. 60).

Why We’re Selling XRP

Today is a great day to plant the seeds of your financial future. Here’s how.

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Sir John Hargrave

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