Media Shower + Google Docs = Better Content Together

The Media Shower content platform now supports Google Docs.

This is a big deal, because now it allows you to collaborate with your entire team to create better content.

The Problem (Part 1): A Single Content Owner

Our first principle of creating great content is that companies need a single content owner. We’ve learned over the years that you need one person to be responsible for reviewing and approving content.

  • One person has the power to accept or reject the content.
  • One person has “content reviewer” in their job description.

The Problem (Part 2): Multiple Reviewers

Now we’ve worked things out. Carol’s in charge; Alice and Bob can provide input when they have time.

The Problem (Part 3): Word Docs with Track Changes

Carol will soon be up to hear eyeballs with new versions of the document.

The Solution: Google Docs

We’re not getting paid by Google. It really is the best solution on the market.

Media Shower + Google Docs: How it Works

As a Media Shower customer, you can now have your content delivered in team-shareable Google Docs, which are integrated directly into your Media Shower account.

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