How to Solve the Bitcoin Energy Problem

Racks upon racks of bitcoin mining computers…
… creating a global payments network …
… as well as the world’s most powerful metacomputer.
The EZ Blockchain Smartbox can be hauled on a flatbed.
The Solminer Cube can be hauled behind a pickup truck.

How to Turn Bitcoin Green

  • More solar panels means more infrastructure around solar: more efficient photovoltaics, better storage and delivery, and so on;
  • More compute power means more of this global bitcoin computer is located in the U.S., where it can be better regulated;
  • More tech development means more innovation and entrepreneurship will flood into the U.S., creating thousands of high-tech jobs.

The Hardest Part is Paying for the Panels

What a negative energy bill looks like. (Image credit Solect Energy)

Successful Investors are Open-Minded



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Sir John Hargrave

Sir John Hargrave

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