How to Make Things Go Viral: Learn From Coronavirus

  • Non-vector-borne: A “vector” is a carrier like a mosquito or bat. In plain English, “non-vector-borne” means you could pick up the virus if, say, someone sneezes on your dinner plate: no carrier needed.
  • Chronic infection: In simple language, “acute” means you get it and die. (Lower transmission, because you’re dead.) “Chronic” means you get it and suffer for a longer time. (Higher transmission, because you’re sneezing all over dinner plates for weeks.)
  • Non-segmented: A “segmented” DNA or RNA strand means it’s all one piece. “Non-segmented” means it is made of different pieces that replace each other and more easily mutate. It’s like packets of an email that are split up and sent over the Internet, as opposed to a single mailed letter. It’s harder to stop packets.
  • Low mortality: When humans die, the virus doesn’t get a chance to spread. If they stay alive, it does. You want to keep humans alive and sneezing, preferably on dinner plates.
  • Non-enveloped: If a virus has an outer membrane, it’s called “enveloped.” It appears that non-enveloped viruses (let’s call them “naked”) are more successful at staying alive on surfaces like dinner plates, making them more contagious.

How to Make Stuff Go VIral: Learn from Viruses

  • Non-vector-borne: We will get humans to help us spread these messages. We will not try to spread them through Facebook Ads or Google AdWords. We will have humans tweet, TikTok, and text each other. We will get #HumansHelpingHumans.
  • Chronic infection: We will not try to overwhelm people with one big Super Bowl ad. We will spread messages in as many channels as possible, over as much time as possible. We will be #PatientPersistent.
  • Non-segmented: We will not try to create glossy messages that are overpackaged and overproduced. We will give people a framework for messages, then let them spread it in a decentralized way. We will be #TogetherApart.
  • Low mortality: We will not kill anyone with our messages. In other words, we will try to live by the Hippocratic Oath: “first, do no harm.” We will do our best to spread helpful and truthful information, to #KeepThePeace.
  • Non-enveloped: We will make lightweight messages that will last longer on household surfaces. In other words, we will align with principles — human virtues — that stand the test of time. We will be #BestPeeps.

5 Coronacrisis Communication Best Practices:



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