Bitcoin vs. Stock Market: Bitcoin Up 15x

  • Invest in a highly diversified portfolio of the total stock market (we recommend Vanguard VTSMX), total bond market (Vanguard VBMFX), and a small slice of bitcoin (between 2–10%).
  • Invest the same amount each month, regardless of price (also known as dollar-cost averaging). This protects you against trying to “time the market,” or buying only when prices are high and everyone’s excited.
  • Set up a system so you can auto-invest from your bank account on a monthly basis (Coinbase, for example, lets you automatically buy a little bit of bitcoin each month).
  • If you want to invest beyond bitcoin, you can also buy Ethereum (plus a few other tokens, if desired), putting no more than 10% of your total investment portfolio in crypto.
  • Let it grow!
  • Non-Believers Portfolio (65% stocks, 35% bonds)
  • Baby Believers Portfolio (65% stocks, 32.5% bonds, 2.5% bitcoin)
  • Big Believers Portfolio (65% stocks, 25% bonds, 5% bitcoin, 5% Ethereum).
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The Seven Most Powerful Words for Investors

Bitcoin is Still Up 15X vs. Stock Market



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