Bitcoin Predictions for 2021

2020: A Look Back

In my column one year ago, I said that John McAfee’s prediction of $1 million per bitcoin by the end of 2020 was unlikely. I thought Florian Glatz’s prediction was less sexy but more likely: we’d continue the march toward digitization of national currencies.

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March: Our SEC Safe Harbor Proposal

In March, we issued a proposal outlining how the Securities and Exchange Commission can create a “Safe Harbor” for blockchain projects (download it here). While not law yet, SEC “Crypto Commissioner” Hester Peirce signed on for a second term, and the SEC recently spun out FinHub as a standalone office. Government moves slowly, but things are moving in our direction.

Also March: The Health and Wealth Portfolio

On March 13 (!), we unveiled our Coronavirus Stock Portfolio, which predicted four companies that would likely do well during Covid-19: Amazon, Clorox, Netflix, and Zoom. This seems like common sense now, but things looked much different back then (who used Zoom?).

Spring: Covid-19 Blockchain Solutions

We spent the early days of the pandemic proposing three blockchain-based solutions that could help humankind: an immunity passport, supply chain solution, and blockchain bonds. Again, governments are slow to move, but we have seen significant progress on all three.

Summer: Our Digital Asset Rankings

In June, we rolled out our new Digital Asset Rankings. Investors who put their valuable money to work in our top-rated digital assets have been handsomely rewarded:

Fall: Making Sense of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

I spent the summer and fall explaining the new world of DeFi investments, letting you know that I had invested in COMP, LINK, REN, AAVE, BAL, and UNI. All these have performed well, except that I expected the “Uniswap Unicorn” to hit a billion-dollar valuation this year (it’s currently at about $750,000,000).

And There’s One More Thing…

We also launched a new book.

So, What Will the Bitcoin Price Be in 2021?

I’ll ask at the next Illuminati meeting. We get together on Thursdays.



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