3 Ways to Invest in the Merge

The Merge as an Inflection Point

Investing Opportunity #1: Buy and Hold ETH

That huge slice is Ethereum.
ETH price over the last month, as The Merge looks more and more likely

Investing Opportunity #2: Stake ETH

  • Lido is the more user-friendly option by far, allowing you to stake any amount in an easy Web3 interface (try it out here). Lido has grown so popular that a new problem has emerged: the service may end up staking up over 50% of Ethereum, which would give it control over the network. (Mo money, mo problems.)
  • Rocket Pool offers a similar service, but it also lets you run “minipools” with just 16 ETH, plus additional collateral (instructions here). It’s a cheaper option than running a full node, but it still requires an IT background and a lot of spare time.

Investing Opportunity #3: Invest in LDO and/or RPL directly

Mo reward, mo risk

  • The Merge is not guaranteed to happen. It is looking increasingly likely, but it has been delayed several times already.
  • If you stake ETH now, you may not be able to get it out until The Merge does happen.
  • If you invest in LDO or RPL, those services may not stand the stress test of The Merge — or they may be eclipsed by even better staking services.



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