3 Principles for Blockchain Investing

Watch Ray’s terrific TED Talk.

The Dalio Bitcoin Throwdown

  • If bitcoin is the on-ramp for the entire digital asset market (the block market)…
  • And we expect this market to have rapid growth over the next decade (similar to the growth of the Internet)…
  • And there are no regulatory agencies to limit bitcoin’s price growth…
Dalio’s original Principles PDF.

Blockchain Investing Principles

Blockchain Principles in Action

  • Qualitative: If Bitcoin and Ethereum were companies, we’d say they each have a big role to play in the future financial system. Indeed, they are the foundation of the new “block market” (the on-ramp and the development platform, respectively).
  • Quantitative: Bitcoin and Ethereum both show strong and growing user adoption (Ethereum even more so, because of the network effects of new apps built on top of it). They are both battle-tested, with healthy communities of both users and developers.
  • Price: If blockchain is eating the global financial system, what percentage will it eat? And what percentage of that value will we give to BTC and ETH, the two leading projects? These same questions can be applied to every part of the financial system as blockchain swallows them up: mutual funds, derivatives, commodities, collectibles real estate, and so on.



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